The Culture of Advisory
The Culture of AdvisoryAn invitation to an overview
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Two renowned companies in the fiduciary sector have merged into one organisation. This merger marks a significant step for us.
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SERCOR The Culture of Advisory

The origins of today’s SERCOR fiduciary and asset management group go back to a government decision in 1969. The foundation stone for what is now over 50 years of work as a fiduciary and asset manager.

The Culture of Advisory

Based on a traditional fiduciary company specialising in corporate law, the activities in the areas of asset management and tax advice have developed step by step.

Law & Tax

Combined expertise in the areas of international tax planning, development of holding structures and tax advice for family foundations.

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Asset Management

Combined expertise in the areas of international tax planning, development of holding structures and tax advice for family foundations.

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Investment Fonds

Our expertise includes the complete implementation of a regulated investment fund and the preparation of the prospectus until it is ready for the market. As fund managers, we develop the necessary content and manage cooperation with the fund management, the authorities and the custodian.

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Stay on top of things in all stages of life

Our all-round approach

In keeping with the changing times, we not only embrace the technical and digital possibilities, but align ourselves holistically.

SERCOR Services

Family governance

Non-profit foundations

Company holding

Family office

Family governance

Family governance refers to the structures and processes families use to organise themselves and manage their relationship with their business. Well thought out family governance can help set boundaries, provide clarity and lead to greater harmony between family members, a stronger focus of the company and easier transitions between generations. However, to be effective, family governance has to reflect the special culture, dynamic and objective of each family.

Non-profit foundations

Establishing and managing non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein in accordance with the provisions of Liechtenstein’s Foundation Supervisory Authority STIFA, establishing and supervising non-profit foundations in Switzerland, drafting statutes and regulations, bookkeeping and administration.

Company holding

We help to establish a financial holding company to manage the assets of a group company. Appointing the top management positions, setting financial targets and allocating financial resources only has an indirect influence. Optimising the revenue and value of the group as a whole or just individual (minority) holdings is paramount.

Family office

Correctly interpreted, a family office serves the purpose of managing the large private assets of an owner family. Typically, in addition to pure asset management, it provides other classic secretarial or office services such as bookkeeping, office organisation, travel planning, controlling and more.

We provide you with advice on your initiative for non-profit foundations

Martin M. Wachter, Chairman SERCOR Group

Attentiveness towards families and businesses is our tried and tested formula.
SERCOR Board and Team

Invitation for the Night Race Rlassic 500 Nocturnes

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That is exactly what we can offer you. We don't want to be detached, but we want to be discover and share innovative value systems and new participation. Allow yourself a very special insight into the event 500 Nocturnes on 9.9.2023 with the participant Maniack Racing, supported by SERCOR Group.

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Facts guiding the way to a successful future

A company’s brain and spirit are its most valuable asset for long-term and sustained development in all wealth-related matters. To enable fast action, we see it as our duty to reach out to new inspirations so that we can share chances and opportunities with you, always right at the forefront. Requesting and clarifying facts for this purpose is part of our DNA.